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21 de Junio de 2013

Escalofriantes fotografías de parques de entretención abandonados

En Chile diríamos que el máximo exponente del parque de entretenciones abandonado es Mundo Mágico, sin embargo, este tipo de negocios no son tan populares como en Estados Unidos, donde desde los años 60 proliferan a lo largo de todo el país. En esta serie de fotografías publicadas por el Daily Mail podrás ver los escalofriantes parques abanadonados de Estados Unidos con un bonus track ubicado en Japón.


Vìa Daily Mail


Parques abandonados en Nueva Orleans, tras el devastador huracán Katrina.

Desolation: This eerie photograph shows a corroded rollercoaster soaring into the sky behind a graffiti-covered ride at the abandoned Six Flags theme park, New Orleans

Faded grandeur: These once proud buildings are now slowly falling apart after they were devastated by the floods - but the graffiti oddly supplies a note of hope


Washed out: The colour has faded from this once-jaunty sign for a SpongeBob Square Pants ride
 Fallen silent: This carousel has been left to rust away like the rest of the park, which was already losing money before Katrina hit
Parque dedicado a la Biblia. Holy Land
Unholy: Construction on the park began in 1955 and it became very popular in the 1960s and 1970s but it shuttered in 1984
Visible to all: The 56-foot cross in Holy Land USA theme park could be seen by drivers on a nearby highway in Waterbury, Connecticut and not just the thousands of visitors who went to the park in it's heyday
Biblical city: Neglected for nearly three decades, Holy Land more resembles a haunted mansion


Not Mickey Mouse: The abandoned Holy Land amusement park leaves a plethora of strange and peculiar artifactsParque en Carolina del Norte 

Keep out: The gates to Oz, which attracted 400,000 visitors in its first summer, closed ten years after the park started
Goodbye yellow brick road: The Yellow Brick Road weaves through the abandoned theme park, which has been the victim of fire and theft since closing
Land of Oz
Land of Oz
Closed for business: Letters have fallen off this 'closed for the season' sign as the elements take their toll
Haunted house? The once colourful buildings have been left to nature and are covered in weeds
Faded grandeur: The rollercoaster is one of the last remaining Philadelphia Toboggan Company wooden coasters in existence. It originally opened along with the park in 1949
 Nara Dreamland, en Japón
In need of some fairy dust: A grim-looking unfinished castle stands uncompleted in a field after funds were withdrawn due to disagreements with the local government and farmers
Ghost town: The once jolly mock-up American town in Nara Dreamland now looks cold and uninviting
Land of nightmares: nspired by Disney, Nara Dreamland's fairytale castles and fairground rides now look sad and forlorn

Off the rails: Due to lack of visitors Nara Dreamland eventually closed down, but it had operated since 1961


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