Vía Buzzfeed

1. Encerrados en la Tierra Media

J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of Being Cute on Halloween

2. Puros villanos de Batman

Batman's Villains will steal your heart (and maybe your candy) this Halloween.

3. ¿Epidemia?

Nothing Despicable about this!

4. Ingredientes pal’ sangurucho

A freakin' BLT! Bravo

5. El mundo de Peter Pan

Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Smee and, wait for it... Captain Hook

6. Los Locos Addamns

Da da da da! Cute! Cute!

7. Unidad Popular

Up -ing the ante on family costumes.

8. A cazar fantasmas

Who you gonna call? Cutebusters!

9. Hi Man y sus amigos

Masters of the Adorable Universe

10. Woody y amigos

Woody's Round-Up of awesomeness

11. Más antagonistas de Batman

Holy Radness! More Batman and his villains!

12. Gokú y sus secuaces

Dragonball Z costumes are Gokute.

13. Blancanieves y… otros cuentos (?)

Snow White, the Huntsman, and a kindly old lady selling apples

14. Trío Breaking Bad

The Breaking Bad trio

15. Falta el puro Mario

16. ¿Eliseo Salazar?

This Nascar family will race to all the doorsteps this Halloween.

17. Snacks de cine

Movie snacks sing, "Let's all go trick-or-treatin'! Let's all go trick-or-treatin'!"

18. Premio a la creatividad

Can you bee -lieve these guys?

19. Que la fuerza acompañe a esta familia

The Force is strong with this family.

20. Una wonder famili

It's no wonder this family knows how to do Halloween.

21. Adorables

A rainbow? Seriously, get out of here with this adorableness.

22. Los ET de Toy Story

Toy Story aliens with the "claw." Ooooooh

23. ¿Falta de presupuesto?

New School Willy Wonka with his Golden Ticket is all kinds of awesome.

24. Leche y galletas

The cutest "Milk and Cookies" family ever.

25. El Grinch y sus amigos

The Grinch Who Stole Halloween with a special appearance by The Lorax .

26.Hermosa familia

A WTF Beauty and the Beast family.

27. Los crímenes del hambre 

28. Muy limpios ellos

The family who does laundry together does Halloween together dressed as laundry.

29. Fantasía de Mary Poppins

The Mary Poppins entourage, including a dancing penguin.

30. Ace Ventura es un crack

Ace Ventura: Cute Detective

31. Gabba Gabba gang

DJ Lance Rock and the rest of the Yo Gabba Gabba gang.


32. El mejor Beetlejuice

Beetle-cute, Beetle-cute, Beetle-cute!